Your Weekly IT Roundup 4 - 10 Jan 2021

Your Weekly IT Roundup 4 - 10 Jan 2021

Hey, it's here! Welcome to installment #13 of your Weekly IT Roundup, bringing you up-to-date on all the knowhow and the awesome group content you might've missed throughout the week!
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Post of the Week

We hear you, Adam (and so did 2,000 others in the group)! We're now seeing more and more users that are becoming in-denial with the restart instruction too. We studied for years to tell you that, restart the damn computer already! Missed this post? Check it out!

This week in Tech News (TL;DR)

AMD says RDNA 2 GPU-powered laptops will arrive in first half of 2021

The new architecture is coming to notebooks. Read More

Ubiquiti, maker of prosumer routers and APs, has had a data breach

An email sent encourages users to change their passwords.
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Nvidia announces $329 GeForce RTX 3060, available in February

The RTX 3000 series cards continue. Keep Reading

Intel’s 12th Gen chips look to challenge Arm and Apple’s M1 CPUs later this year

An early preview at Intel’s hybrid Alder Lake chips. Keep Reading

Meme of the Week!


To the system admins that say paper is a user's job...