Your Weekly IT Roundup 25 - 31 Jan 2021

Your Weekly IT Roundup 25 - 31 Jan 2021

Hey, it's here! Welcome to installment #16 of your Weekly IT Roundup, bringing you up-to-date on all the knowhow and the awesome group content you might've missed throughout the week!
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Post of the Week

Rest in peace old DC! It's amazing how many of you this touched, I suppose that's how you know you work in IT...
Have you ever repurposed any old enterprise equipment to do your bit against E-Waste, and what did you use it for?
Check out the post from Adam in the group below! Check it out!

This week in Tech News (TL;DR)

Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO

He started the e-commerce giant in his garage nearly 30 years ago. Keep Reading

iOS 14.5 tries to solve Face ID’s mask problem with Apple Watch

The app tracking transparency controls are also in iOS 14.5, which is in beta today. Keep Reading

Bad software slowed the coronavirus vaccine distribution in USA

MIT Technology Review found the CDC paid for a website that doesn’t work. Keep Reading

Profile of the trader whose huge bet on GameStop moved the entire market

The Wall Street Journal sits down with Keith Gill, the trader who’s made millions betting on GameStop.
Keep Reading

Meme of the Week!


"So that’s why my EQ won’t work... caps went to Taco Bell for their lunch break".

Taking SD-WAN to a new level with SASE!

SD-WAN has become the de facto standard in connecting dispersed offices, but where does SASE come into play?

Check out the latest blog post from our sponsor, Lightyear, to learn more about SASE & SD-WAN (click here)

ITSG Anonymous Salary Survey 2021 Has Landed!

Last year, we took results from over 500 IT professionals on their salary, location, and which skills would be the hottest in 2020.

We're doing it all again this year.
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