Your Weekly IT Roundup 21 - 27 Dec 2020

Your Weekly IT Roundup 21 - 27 Dec 2020

Hey, it's here! Welcome to the eleventh instalment of your Weekly IT Roundup, bringing you up-to-date on all the knowhow and the awesome group content you might've missed throughout the week!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Post of the Week

James sparked a brilliant comment wall with over 400 of you! A few of our favourites, "Excel is a database", "No ticket needed", "The disc tray IS a drink holder". Check it out!

This week in Tech News (TL;DR)

Boston Dynamics robots take over the dance floor in latest video

The video sees Boston Dynamics’ entire lineup of robots! Watch Now

The Brexit deal calls for DNA profiles to use a 20-year-old email app

Along with outdated cryptographic standards. Keep Reading

AT&T recovers from multi-state outage after Nashville bombing

The blast disabled backup generators at a network exchange point. Keep Reading

Bitcoin price hits all-time high of nearly $30,000

Hope that bitcoin pizza you ordered a few years ago tasted good!
Keep Reading

Meme of the Week!


"Made the switch secure boss"

Check out this blog post from Dennis Thankachan at our sponsor Lightyear about SD-WAN vs. MPLS and the Advantages and Disadvantages between the two!